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4 Companies In The Craft Industry Helping Small Businesses Right Now

Entrepreneurs know that the best approach for a small business is adaptability with an unwavering set of values that benefit the community. We'll be tested along the way, surprises around every corner and right now, more than ever, we are feeling this. Leaders in the industry that we have come to rely on have been working consistently this week to help, here just a few ways that you can leverage these opportunities: Those of you already using Shopify may know that their Gift Card feature is only available on their $79/month plan and up, a big jump from their Basic plan at $29/month. Shopify is now extending this feature to all plans, granting all small businesses the ability to promote Gift eCards...

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Bad Vibes Don't Go With My Outfit

Hey guys! How are we doing?! Some week, huh? I don't know about all of you, but I took a minute to step away. I don't mean from the business, and it's been awesome working with you fabulous folks coming by for drop box pick ups. I mean a pause. I made more time for the family, took more time for inspirational conversations with our power people out there making lemonade out of this, and I think I've panic cleaned everything about 7 times.  With more and more safe guard mandates coming though, our town has seen many changes to our way of life. We had a pretty great anniversary month up ahead with some big decisions this week, and...

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